Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Subhumans (Canada) "New Dark Age Parade" Tour

Well here we are, merely a few days away from heading out on our cross-Canuckistan tour in support of out new CD, New Dark Age Parade. We'll be starting the tour with a show this Friday, October 13th (how fitting) at the Lamplighter in Vancouver. From there, it will be over to Victoria for a show the following night and then it's off to points east, eventually going as far as Montreal. The tour will be 3 weeks long ending on November 4th with a show in Calgary. Jeez, it'll pretty much be winter by then. Good thing we gotten ourselves some good transportation lined up!

Yep, solid, reliable and good on gas too. Of course, we would've liked to have played all of the great urban centers of this vast land, but time constraints just wouldn't allow it (we couldn't pry Jon away from his new job as beer taster for Big Rock Brewery for any longer than 3 weeks). But hopefully we'll be coming to either your town, or a town near you. This will be the first time the Subhumans (Canada) have played Toronto in 25 years and our very first time ever to play Montreal! Needless to say, we'll be playing only the finest rock and roll establishments on our journey, such as this happening joint in Duck Ass Lake, AB.

Looks like a good place to empty out our Stephen Harper porta-potty. It should be pretty near full by then. Yes indeed. For a detailed list of our tour dates, check out our website at www.subhumanscanada.com.

So we're working really hard, getting ready for this tour. We've spent many long and hard hours locked in our dingy, dirty rehearsal space denying ourselves life's little pleasures so that we would be prepared for this tour (and we practised a couple of songs while we were in there as well). Besides playing many of our old favourites, we'll being playing quite a few new tunes from New Dark Age Parade as well. And of course, Brian will be doing his much loved and widely celebrated, fully flatulented rendition of "Having My Baby" while riding unicycle and eating tapioca pudding in the nude. A sight and sound extravaganza not to be missed! So all and all it promises to be a series of delightful shows you simply won't want to miss. And besides, at our age, who knows if we'll make it back to your town again; it gets tougher and tougher to haul around those wheelchairs, I.V. bags and bedpans everytime! So come on out and see the show!!